Construction Recruiters provides skilled, experienced construction workers on demand for industrial project managers and construction contractors. Our recruiting services help even out workflow shortages so you can plan projects without worrying about construction labor layoffs or staffing up.

Behind each of our staffing solutions is more than a decade of experience in hiring the best skilled labor.

What you get when you hire Construction Recruiters -

  • Experienced recruiters that know your business and listen to your needs.
  • The best skilled tradesman and construction workers.
  • Employment consistency and benefits are among the best in the construction labor industry.

Our expertise is offering companies the best in construction staffing services and skilled workforce solutions.


At Construction Recruiters, we strive to find dedicated, qualified individuals that will help your projects run smoothly and efficiently. We take care of advertising and recruiting so you can focus on running your business.

Payroll Solutions

We offer a variety of payroll solutions that make your job easier.  You choose the employee, we handle the rest.

Workers Compensation

Accidents happen.  Don't let an accident stand in the way of your growing industry.  If any of our employees are injured while on-the-job, we will take care of any workers compensation claim that may arise.

Drug Screening

At Construction Recruiters, we know the necessity of a drug and alcohol free work environment.  Every employee that comes through  is screened before employment.  We also offer on-site and random screening for all workers.  We offer:

  • Saliva Test
  • Standard Urine Test (Immediate Results)
  • DOT Testing
  • Hair Follicle Test

Background Checks

We use E-Verify to screen all candidates before employment.  We offer nationwide background screening, MVR, and credit reports.  Utilizing background checks as past of the pre-employment process can help

  • Increase applicant and new hire quality
  • Reduce workplace violence
  • Protect against negligent hiring liability
  • Reduce employee dishonesty losses
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Avoid negative publicity
  • Meet regulatory, insurance, and customer requirements

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